Thanksgiving service for the Harvest

On October 19th 2008, we had our annual Thanksgiving for a good harvest… This year we had it together with 2 other churches. EPC Vukokar, and EPC ISUSA KRISTA from Ilaca were present. It was a great time of worship, teaching and fellowship together.

The following pictures will give you a glimpse of our time together…

And then we had sendwiches, and cakes, but seems like everyone was more busy with those then with tking picture of the felloship… So you have to trust us, that it was amazing… 🙂


Fellwoship over fish soup

Lately we are using every possible opportunity to build our fellowship.

One of the ways is, just as Jesus was doing, through eating.

This time our friend Pastor Zoran Hochbaum has cooked a great fish soup, from the donated fish.

Our dear friend Radovan Miladinov donated us a HUGE fish that he catched in the Danube…

Here are the pictures:

Sreto (as always) preparing the wood.

He might be a new pastor but he is an experienced cook. 🙂

people gathering and having fellowship…

Some more fellowship.

It was a sweeet sweeet time, together…

Mans Fellowship

Since this spring we have started to gather the man together for a special time of fellowship, study of GOD’s word, and discussion. We are meeting apporximately once a month and we usually have brothers form 4-5 different churches from the area.

Towards the end of our gathering we usally share a meal. BBQ, Stew (fish, bean, or Cobanjac). and it is always a blessing.

We are glad that this ministry is totally self supportive in every way. Our next meeting will be on the 27th of September at 4 p.m., if you are in the area you are more then welcome, just let us know…

Baby dedication

24.2.2008 our church service was held together with borthers and sisters from EPC of Jesus Christ from Ilaca. Pastor Tomislav Mogus has shared on John 1.

The dedication was done by both pastors together…

The pictures can be seen in the file box on your left….



March 7th Bible club STOP, continues. Soon more information on that here, and on the blog of the B.K.Stop.

Also we are happy to announce that soon, we will post in mp3 format teachings/sermons that were tought in our church…

Thank you for patience and understanding…

EPC Agape

Blessed Christmas

We wish you all, in Vukovar and district, blessed holidays.

May the grace and the love of God truly change our hearts and hearts of people near us.

Evangelical Pentecostal Church A G P E

Samaritans Purse packages

This year we were blessed with 2300 christmas packages by Samaritans Purse.

We were able to cover Borovo Naselje, part of Borovo Selo, Bršadin, We have helped the blind children, and we have given to the Vukvar hospital also…